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    Anand Kand
    Default Cost Profile is not getting applied to new items...
    Topic posted November 5, 2019 by Anand KandRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cost Management, Public Sector 
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    Default Cost Profile is not getting applied to new items defined
    Items have to be manually associated with the cost profile even though the default cost profile has new item cost creation set to 'Auto'

    I just defined a new item in the product master, assigned to the inventory org, subinventories. I performed a miscellaneous receipt into a subinventory org at a set cost.  Then transfer the transactions to the Costing. Upon Querying I do not see the cost for the item that I just received.

    The Default Cost Profile for the Cost Org has the New Item Profile Creation set to 'Auto'.

    I had to manually update the item cost profile, transfer the transactions to costing, then create costing distributions, before I could use this item for my internal material transfer.

    The issue is: When the New Item Profile Creation is set to 'Auto'; why should the user be manually assigning the Cost Profiles to every individual item.  We have thousands of items to process for IMT, and this would definitely cause a problem





    • Krishna Ghantasala

      The system would in fact associate the cost profiles automatically if the option is 'Auto'. As I understand, looks like it's not happening for you. Can we have a quick OWC to go through your exact steps ?