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    Value Sets Best Practices Information Tempalates, DFFs etc
    Topic posted November 15, 2019 by s kSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Setup 
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    Value Sets Best Practices Information Tempalates, DFFs etc
    Reuse of Value sets, Best Practices


    What are the best practices around value sets.

    I have been creating DFFs and information templates.

    I have been reusing the same character value set for different values.

    Does it create any problems in future, if the same value set is reused many times.

    What are the Dos and Dont's around this.

    Thank you


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    • Ashok

      This is best answered by the customers and consulting community on this portal. I will say this much: I have not heard any issues with using the same character value sets or such standard value sets across the board. If the requirements are met with a common infrastructure setup, that seems optimal. But, like I said, the procurement community is full of experts and surely those that would love to share their opinions and expertise.

      I do have one question on what you have stated: Same set for different values. What did you intend to state as an impact of 'different' values?