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    Sayan Malakshinov
    Containers based on Windows
    Topic posted July 31, 2018 by Sayan Malakshinov, tagged Containers, Docker, Kubernetes 
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    Containers based on Windows

    One of our main applications requires IIS with .Net Framework, which is platform-dependent and requires docker host on Windows, but Oracle Cloud Container Service and Oracle Application Container Service currently support Linux hosts only.

    If we try to deploy official docker dotnet-framework image by Microsoft we get error:

    ERROR Failed to pull image microsoft/dotnet-framework-samples:aspnetapp due to error no supported platform found in manifest list
    Error: no supported platform found in manifest list

     How can we ask Oracle to add containers based on Windows?



    • Alex_D_Oracle


      As far as I know, there are no current plans to support windows docker containers on any of the managed oracle cloud services. It is not as simple as "add containers based on windows".

      As of now, if you absolutely need docker on windows on Oracle cloud, your only choice would be to spin up a Windows Server 2016 image on OCI compute and manage the docker runtime the "old way"...