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    John Klinke
    September Release Update for Oracle Cloud Platform
    Announcement posted September 27, 2018 by John KlinkeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited October 5, 2018, tagged Analytics, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous NoSQL Database, Big Data, CASB, Content and Experience, Data Integration, Database, Database Backup, Developer, Exadata, Express and Schema, Identity, Integration, Internet of Things, Java, Management, Mobile and Intelligent Bots, Process Automation, Visual Builder 
    September Release Update for Oracle Cloud Platform

    We are pleased to announce new updates and enhancements to our comprehensive portfolio of PaaS solutions. A summary of Oracle Cloud Platform release updates for September 2018 are listed below. See Oracle Cloud Platform Documentation for more details.


    API Platform Cloud

    • You can now use actions from the specification in the Interface Filtering and Method Mapping policies if your API was created with an Apiary specification


    Application Performance Monitoring (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • Now you can monitor the performance of hybrid mobile applications
    • You can now customize the errors displayed by APM and mark certain pre-defined errors as acceptable events
    • Now you can define locations for synthetic monitoring using Firefox 45 as well as Firefox 61 and above

    Autonomous Analytics Cloud

    Service Management Updates

    • There are now fewer setup steps and your service is ready to use in about 20 minutes. See Creating Services
    • In the Console, all administrator-only options are now under a Service Administration menu for BI and DV services only

    Essbase Updates

    • The Essbase web interface is enhanced with a new look and improved usability
    • In the Files catalog, you can find gallery templates to build fully functional Essbase cubes
    • You can define connections and data sources once and reuse them in various operations
    • Now you can use the enhanced rules editor to preview data, use connections and data sources and define rules
    • You can now create Efficient Dynamic Security Filters on your applications
    • In the Essbase web interface and in Smart View, you can execute free-form MDX queries to analyze cube data
    • Use the MaxL Client to securely manage Essbase cubes and artifacts using a language-based interface
    • Scenario management calculation enhancements have been added
    • Outline formula editor now includes a member tree & a function list to pick members and calculation functions
    • Calculation script editor now includes a member tree & a function list to pick members & calculation functions

    Data Visualization Updates

    • Now you can use data transformation and enrichment recommendations to prepare your data before visualizing it
    • Now you can create Grid Heatmap, Picto, 100% Stacked Bar, Horizontal 100%, 100% Area & Correlation Matrix
    • Enhancements have been added to Map layers, Backgrounds and Data flow
    • Now Auto Save option automatically saves updates to a visualization project without repeatedly clicking on “Save”
    • Now you can use keyboard shortcuts to open artifacts in a new tab or window
    • Inspectors can view & edit properties of standalone objects in Home, Data, Projects, and other top-level pages
    • Data replication enhancements have been added
    • Now you can replace a data set by re-mapping columns used in a project to columns from a different data set
    • Now you can use subject areas as data sources in data sets and data flows
    • Now enable users to search Data Sets using BI Ask
    • Now you can make visualizations more interactive with tooltips
    • Now you can include data actions in embedded visualizations

    Pixel-Perfect Reporting Updates

    • Now you can upload configuration specific files
    • You can now Configure password protection for report outputs in DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX format
    • Now you can apply a digital signature in PDF documents
    • You can use data sets from Data Visualization for pixel-prefect reports
    • Scalability is enabled in an Excel template to overcome the Microsoft Excel limitation of 65000 rows per sheet
    • Now you can validate data model properties and optimize the SQL queries
    • Now you can Optimize SQL queries. See Setting Data Model Properties
    • The output can be compressed prior to delivery to reduce the output size
    • Now you can configure to receive email notifications when emails are delivered or read

    Data Models Update

    • Now you can define database connections in Console and use them in Oracle Analytics Cloud Developer Client Tool

    Autonomous Content and Experience Cloud

    • You can now use alternate sizing for many components, such as galleries or images
    • The sidebar navigation menu has changed when editing a site
    • Developers can now create customized themes that use a specific subset of components

    Autonomous Data Warehouse

    • Idle sessions that do not hold resources required by other sessions will not be terminated after 60 minutes now

    Autonomous Integration Cloud

    New Integrations Features

    • The Oracle RightNow Adapter has been renamed to the Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Adapter
    • New adapter added: Oracle Policy Automation Adapter. See Oracle Policy Automation Adapter Capabilities
    • New adapter added: Oracle Talent Cloud for Midsize (Taleo BE) Adapter. See Adapter Capabilities
    • Table operation enhancements have been made for Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle Database Cloud Service Adapters

    New Processes Features

    • New Service activity is available in dynamic processes to invoke an external service from a dynamic process
    • New Train control in forms to sequentially guide users through a multi-step web form activity
    • The new Print action lets you print a presentation of a form when an event occurs
    • You can now monitor form logs and test your form with custom payload data
    • New process runtime enhancements have been added

    Big Data Cloud

    • The system software is updated to release 4.11.7. This includes Cloudera Distribution with Hadoop (CDH) 5.12
    • You can now use variables when specifying paths in Oracle Big Data Manager

    CASB Cloud

    • Two new security controls have been added for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
    • Compartment monitoring options are now supported with OCI
    • Data Protection now supports a set of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data matchers to use in defining rules
    • A list of resources monitored by application type is now available. See Objects Monitored by Application Type
    • Raw JSON code is now formatted for better readability when it’s displayed in the log data details

    Infrastructure Monitoring (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    Internet of Things Cloud

    Java Cloud

    • Now you can assign a private static IP address when restarting an instance on OCI Classic
    • You can now use the REST API to change the Node Manager password for the WebLogic domain of JCS instance after service instance creation
    • If you stop a JCS instance before a scheduled backup occurs, now the backup begins at its next scheduled time after restart
    • Now you can force scale-in operation when restoring a JCS instance
    • You can now scale the Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) load balancer nodes up or down
    • While creating a JCS instance, you can now select whether you want to create a public or private load balancer
    • If your account has both Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and JCS entitlements, you can now change the license type for an existing instance
    • Changes have been made to Database menu selection and tile on the My Services Dashboard, and the Platform Services menu has been removed

    Log Analytics (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • Now link SQL Statement can be used to group SQLs and analyze their behavior and identify anomalies
    • Now you can parse log records with multiple timestamps
    • To obtain the standard deviation of the set of values of a numeric field, you can now use the new stddev() function

    Security Monitoring and Analytics (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    SOA Cloud

    • Now you can choose to validate the database service when scaling up your Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance


    See Oracle Cloud Platform Documentation for more details.