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    Hariram Dayanand
    Siebel to RightNow Integration
    Topic posted August 16, 2012 by Hariram Dayanand 
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    Siebel to RightNow Integration

    Hi All,


    I am looking for a few docs which explains about integrating SIEBEL and RIGHTNOW.

    It would be great if you would suggest some links, videos or Docs.






    • ryszard antonczyk



      would you please provide a little bit more details about your particular use case/scaenario of such an integration?

      This will help us to answer your question.




    • Hariram Dayanand

      Hi Ryszard,

      I am new to RightNow and wanted to know the possibilities of integrating SIEBEL and rightnow. May be to use Rightnow Service and knowledge base while mainting the customer data in siebel.

      Please share some docs or videos or links of basic RightNow and Siebel Integration steps/requirements.



    • KC

      Hi Ryszard,

      I am also in the same line as hari, It would be helpful if you can share any doc's/videos related to rightnow integration with siebel.


    • Defeng Liang

      I also have the same issue as Hariram has.

      Here is the result of  my research.

      There are two ways to solve the problem.

      1) A webservice provided by Siebel will be consumed by RightNow.

      2) A RightNow WebService will be called by Siebel.

      As to 1), a tool like wsdl2php will be needed.   as to the tool, I have found this:   To implement the integration, a deep understanding of PHP is neccessory.

      As to 2), the way to public the webservice in RightNow and the way to consume a webservice in Siebel is neccessory.

      I prefer to use 2), for I know little about php and I know how to consume a webservice in Siebel, hence, my question turns out to be -

      1.How to public a webservice explosing a object in RightNow?

      Could anyone here give me some useful advice?

    • Allan Schrum

      In the Developer Forums (this forum is part of that group) is a section for Developers to reference the Connect Web Services for SOAP documentation which describes the object model and the basics for creating a SOAP-based web service client. You can use .NET or Java or raw XML to make the requests to the server. Both the common Java toolkits and Microsoft VS 2010 Toolkit (as a Service Reference) are supported. All requests must be authenticated using an Account's credentials, and all requests have to be over https.

      Please let me know if you have found the documentation. If you have more questions feel free to post them on the forums.



    • Smita Joshi



      I have found that we have a RightFit Integrator connector that is used for Integration between RightNow eService centre and Siebel.

      I would like to know how to access the connector and use it.

      How to provide a web service from Right Now to Siebel and to consume a webservice provided by Siebel in RightNow.








    • Steve Fangman

      For those wanting Siebel integration, here is some information that may assist.  There is accelerator available at the below link, which is published open source (git) covering some of the foundational integration use cases.  The below link is where more information can be found.  The accelerator is intended to ease the integration by supplying most of the basic foundational integration, then let customers / integrators wire the "final mile" to fit their specific use cases.  Documentation is available.

      Reference Integration

      • End Consumers
        • Login to OSvC customer portal using SAML 2.0
        • Troubleshoot/resolve issues online using knowledge and guided assistant
        • Escalate to assisted service by creating an SR in Siebel
        • View and update SR detail
      • Siebel Agents
        • View SR history of customers
        • Reply to OSvC Incidents
      • Key Benefits
        • Decreased development time when building custom Siebel Integrations
        • Ability for Siebel customers to take advantage of Oracle Service Cloud Knowledge, Smart Assistant, Web Customer Service