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    How does partial processing to an Order work on a Budget...
    Topic posted July 28, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 28, 2018, tagged Budget/Encumbrance, FAQ, Requisition Processing, Tip 
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    How does partial processing to an Order work on a Budget Controlled Requisition
    Impact of partially processing a budget controlled Purchase Requisition into a Purchase Order

    I wanted to share some insight into how a budgetary controlled purchase requisition works for order processing. This was a recent customer question (and I have seen similar ones before) and thought it might be good to remind customers of behavior. 

    Specific Scenario:

    The purchase requisition contains a line for quantity 50 Units

    This requisition is processed into a purchase order

    The order is processed only for quantity 30 Units


    What happens to the remaining quantity 20 Units on the purchase requisition

    Expected Behavior:

    When a purchase order is created from a requisition line, in the above scenario, two things happen:

    a) The entire Quantity 50 Units will be liquidated on the requisition line

    b) The purchase order will reserve the Quantity of 30 Units

    You cannot split that requisition that is budgetary controlled further.

    Also, current behavior does not support one requisition line to process into multiple purchase orders.


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