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    Kim Puls
    DFFs on a project template?
    Topic posted February 18, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Project Management 
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    DFFs on a project template?

    I want to add a DFF, for an additional dept org name, on my project template. I tried adding to the "Additional Information" but that didn't allow me to. I searched for "Manage Descriptive Flexfields" and "Projects" as the module, however there isn't a way to add a new DFF. Am I in the wrong place? Has anyone done something similar? If yes, please point me in the right direction...

    Thanks - Kim

    University of Wyoming



    • Kim Puls

      After some thinking and playing...we found where we can assign as Task org that will not affect the project org so I don't think I need the DFF any longer.

      Thanks - Kim

    • Vamsi Krishna Maddipatla

      DFFs can be added to project template as well. We do that in our implmentation. However good luck you got what you wanted.