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    Ed van Kessel
    TAB and functional item categories
    Topic posted February 11, 2019 by Ed van KesselRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Requisition Processing 
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    TAB and functional item categories
    Can we use wild card values to build accounting rules based on item categories

    We have a functional catalog for purchasing that has a 2 level structured embedded in the names: for example 3 categories are abc.mno1, abc.mno2 and cde.xyz1

    I am trying to setup TAB rules for purchasing charge account.  What I want is to say that all items of item categories starting with "abc" will map to account 12345, while everything staring with "cde" mapps to account 32343.

    I am finding that I have to set up a row in the mapping set for each item category.

    Can you confirm if I could use wildcards in the mapping sets, or is there another way to do it,



    • Suman Guha

      Have you considered modeling the 2 level structure in the form of a Procurement Category Hierarchy?

      You may want to review the linked document and specifically the slide about deriving accounts using Procurement Category Hierarchy.


    • Ed van Kessel


      This looks promising and I could make this work.  But I have a concern that maybe you can clarify:

      The functional catalog for purchasing categorizes the items.

      The Catalog Category hierarchy defines browsing categories and can extend to the purchasing categories from the functional catalog.  These can be used in Self-service procurement for setting up the catalogs.  In Smartforms, the browsing category can help reduce the options for the category in a non-catalog request.

      The Procurement category Hierarchy is another hierarchy again, that can be used for approval and accounting derivation rules.

      What is your definition of the difference between the catalog category hierarchy and the procurement category hierarchy and can they be the same.

    • Suman Guha


      There are I think 3 different category hierarchies that you can setup for different usages within procurement flows.

      The browsing category hierarchy as you rightly pointed out is primarily to facilitate the shopping experience within self service procurement.

      The Procurement category hierarchy on the other hand is what you would setup for your spend analysis.

      Although they both end up with purchasing categories for their leaf nodes, they don't typically come out to be the same. Different purpose for different audience.


    • Ed van Kessel


      Thank you for the advice.  I experimented with the configurations and Product category hierarchy will work nicely.