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    Judy Hamner
    19A UBL 2.1 XML format using CMK
    Topic posted January 31, 2019 by Judy HamnerSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Fusion, Payables, Setup 
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    19A UBL 2.1 XML format using CMK
    Is this configuration needed if we are using Oracle Supplier Network?

    We are using Oracle Supplier Network with Collaboration Messaging Framework to receive XML invoices from Suppliers.  The new functionality in 19A indicates there is a new set up required to receive UBL 2.1 XML invoices. Do we need to make any changes to our settings if we are not receiving electronic invoices directly from the supplier into CMK?  Will XML invoices from suppliers using UBL 2.1 XML be processed through OSuN without us needing to make any modifications?





    • Becky Alvarez


      With any electronic file, you are going to have to setup to receive the UBL invoices for suppliers who want to send in that format and they will need to test the flow to ensure that the supplier is sending it in the proper format.  Same thing you have to do with bank files and exporting payment files.  Everyone seems to have their own nuances to the "standard" format. 

    • Jon Kelly


      We don't go directly through OSN, but use a third party for our punch out catalogs (although I want to talk more with you about that sometime). Just to be sure we wouldn't have any issues, I reached out to them and we confirmed that none of our suppliers submitting invoices use that format. If they want to use it in the future, I think we'd have to set up and test. 


    • Judy Hamner


      I understand what you are saying.  However, our CMK is configured to OSN and we do not have any suppliers set up as Trading Partners in CMK, only in OSN .  Currently, our suppliers send their cXML invoices to OSN where they are then transformed to the format required and sent through B2B to import to CMK. 

      So if a supplier wants to use UBL 2.1, will this process no longer work?  I'm just trying to understand the difference in the configuration that would be required or if the transformations in OSN will work.  If OSN will not accept UBL 2.1 invoices, then i understand the need to set up the supplier as a trading partner in CMK.

      The notes in 19A indicate that UBL 2.1 invoices can be received through CMK web service or B2B adapter.  But there is no mention of Oracle Supplier Network.

    • Becky Alvarez

      UBL is not supported through OSN as it needs and enhancement from the OSN side in order to be supported.