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    Michelle Hoxsie-Quinn
    Cannot Complete Element Manager Import of New Workspace...
    Topic posted September 18, 2019 by Michelle Hoxsie-QuinnBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Browser UI 
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    Cannot Complete Element Manager Import of New Workspace containing Existing Reports
    Element Manager does not allow completion New Workspace Import

    I am new to the Element Manager. I have successfully (and easily) exported new Workspaces from our test environment. This export includes the reports that are used within the Workspaces.

    These reports I have mentioned have been used in previous Workspaces (there is no need to create new reports when these ones work as needed). That means these reports exist in production.

    When I attempt to import the new Workspaces to our production environment, I receive a notification during the Validate Package stage stating: "This item already exists on the site." This blocks me from moving forward in the import.

    Is there a way around this? Am I doing something wrong?




    • JustRhianna

      Which item is it complaining about? The import of elements does not allow for overwrite and assumes you are putting things into a brand new site or you are adding items that did not exist prior. In order to get around this either rename the existing items on the site you are importing into or change the names of the items on the test site then repackage and import

      • Michelle Hoxsie-Quinn

        It was the reports within the Workspaces that resulted in the issue. They already exist in production because they are already in use there. It is only the Workspaces that are new.

        And if I am reading correctly, what you're saying is.. I have to create identical but brand new reports to replace the reports I already have in production (assuming this is what is achieved by the rename of the report in the test environment), and then retire the ones that were already in production so I do not end up with a bunch of like reports that could cause confusion in the future.

        Yay... I will try that. But this creates extra work... Hoping this process is tweaked to allow overwrites or something similar going forward.


    • JustRhianna

      Yes it is extra work and I have provided my feedback to Product management at Oracle. I also know several of the product team members monitor these boards. Let me know how it turns out

    • Michelle Hoxsie-Quinn

      It worked. Thank you. smiley

    • JustRhianna

      You are most welcome. Make sure to mark this as solved. Also Welcome to the community!

    • Michelle Hoxsie-Quinn

      Well.. it almost worked. The export / import worked. But the Workspaces seem unusable. I cannot open them from the Workspaces Explorer, so I have now had to submit an incident to Oracle CC for investigation.