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    JN Hutchinson
    Collect analytics on incomplete web session interviews?Answered
    Topic posted June 8, 2018 by JN HutchinsonGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Collect analytics on incomplete web session interviews?

    We'd like to be able to collect information about customer OPA sessions where they just ... stop ... somewhere along the way.  For instance, we get them three screens in on some troubleshooting and a light bulb goes on and they just leave the OPA window and go fix their problem.  because we never got to a SUBMIT button, we have no incident record of this interaction.  Is there a way to capture that information?  (And even better, capture exactly what step they ended on?)


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    Jasmine Lee

    You can see anonymous stats on how far users get in an interview before they abandon, e.g. seeing that 50% of users get to Screen X, but then don't continue past.

    See the Screens Visited chart.