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    Maxime Vizcaino
    Review cycle - How to modify in EPRCS/SmartView
    Topic posted May 7, 2018 by Maxime VizcainoGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Narrative Reporting, Report Packages, Reporting Workflow, Smart View 
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    Review cycle - How to modify in EPRCS/SmartView
    Review cycle


    i'm facing an issue with EPRCS and especially the review cycle. Through SmartView and EPRCS i know how to add comment and close comment, but i'm wondering how to modify a doclet in the reviewing cycle.

    What is the best practice to modify a doclet in this phase, with EPRCS and SmartView ? How can i see the comment link to a doclet and modify it (in the platform and with SmartView)? 


    Thank you very muck for your help.





    • Tom LeFebvre


      The doclets do not have to be completed prior to a review cycle.  At the start of a review cycle, a review instance is taken which creates a snapshot of the report contents.  The review instance is static but authors/approver can continue to develop their doclet contents without any impact on the review cycle.  Any updates made to the contents of the doclets will be incorporated into the next review cycle.

      Additionally, authors can see all of the comments raised on their doclets.  By default, all author/approver can see all of the review cycles for their doclets.  they can reply to any comments raised on their doclet contents.  Also, within Smart View, there is a comments panel which shows all comments raised on their doclets.  They can select a comment and see the comment placed within the doclet contents.  They can reply to the comment and update their doclets if required.


      • Maxime Vizcaino

        Hi Tom,

        First, thank you for your answer. But i do not see the link between the comment and the doclet impacted in SmartView. In the right panel i have all the coments, if i click on it it shows me the slide impacted (in the left panel). Due to thaht, i c an see the comment but where can i see the doclet impacted (in the right panel) ?


        I want to be easy for customers, if  a reviewer put a comment they can easily know the slide impacted and also the doclet.


        Thank you very much.


    • Tom LeFebvre

      Navigating comments is pretty easy.  In the browser, the report package owner or the author/approver can click on the purple Review tile at the top of the report center.  There they will see the report hierarchy on the left.  In the center is a comments column which shows the number of open/total comments by doclet.  The user can then inspect the doclet and see on the comments tab all of the comments raised on the doclet.  This allows the user to understand where in the report the most comments are located.

      Within Smart View, the comments panel is automatically shown when the report package has an open review phase.  Once the user opens the doclet, they can see the comments panel in the lower right of the right side panel.  The user may have to change the comment filter to show all comments by all users within the comment panel. Clicking on any comment will highlight where in the doclet the comment was placed and allow the user to reply to the comment within the comment dialog.

      Hope this helps.

      Please send me a private message with the customer you are working with.  I would be happy to help.