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    Harshavardhan Konathala
    Incentive Compensation - Participant Compensation plan...
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    Incentive Compensation - Participant Compensation plan Assignment Details
    A detailed report which gives detailed information on each comp plan assignments and their acceptance status by participants.

    Business Use Case:

    Subject Areas used – A – IC Compensation Plan Assignment Details

    Who can use this report (Roles)? - Incentive Compensation Manager/ Comp Plan Admin

    Compensation plan assignment to the participant is one the crucial job to be taken care by comp plan admin and compensation manager.

    For better results from all the participants, it is very important that right sales representatives should be assigned to the right compensation plan.

    Also, need to make sure their performance in the assigned compensation plan is going on the right track.

    It is necessary that sometimes very well performing sales representatives to be assigned to multiple compensation plans, which leads to better sales and good for the participants in their earnings

    A detailed report which gives detailed information on each comp plan assignments and their acceptance status by participants.

    Count of Participants by Comp plans:

    Increased count of participants in each compensation plans sometimes leads to bitter results, because compensation plans diluted the participant earnings.

    Similarly, less number also increase in participants targets which leads to discomfort in participants.

    Compensation Plan Assignment Status:

    A colorful bar chart shows the compensation plan assignment status from all the participants

    The third table gives information about the participant targets for the assigned comp plan.


    All the below dashboards, reports are made based on the Oracle standard diction on formatting and layouts

    Users are allowed to download the .catlog file and make their own customizations.

    How to deploy:

    1. Un-archive “Participant Assignment Details. Catalog” file using any of the user accounts which has the Un-archive privilege
    2. Ensure that you un-archive it under /shared/custom folder to retain the references that the dashboard has to those individual files (else you may correct those again in the dashboard)

    Implementation notes:

    1. The data fetched is for each Business Unit and listing all the comp plans in the BU.
    2. On the other side, you are seeing comp plans acceptance status by participants followed by target incentives by each comp plan in the third table.