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    Boyuan Zhu
    How to Add Final Approver Signature to Order PDF
    Topic posted August 3, 2018 by Boyuan ZhuGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited August 6, 2018, tagged How-To, Orders 
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    How to Add Final Approver Signature to Order PDF


    In the previous post, we added the approver username to the PDF data model. In this post, you will use this field to add an image of the approver's signature to the RTF layout. 

    There are two ways to add the signature image. First, you can embed the signatures in the template directly. This is the simpler approach and can be sufficient if you have just a few potential final approvers. If you have many potential final approvers, you can host the signature images on an external server and reference the image URL. 


    Use Embedded Signature Image

    1. Add the signature image for each approver into the template. 
    2. Include a conditional statement around each image checking the username: <?if:Username='USERNAME'>


    Use Hosted Signature Image

    1. Add a new attribute to the data model that constructs the signature URL: 'SERVERURL' || Approver.USERNAME || '.png' As SigUrl
    2. Add a dummy image into the template with the dimensions of the signature images. The actual images will be resized to the dimensions of the dummy image.
    3. Set the alttext of the image to the signature URL: url:{//SigUrl}

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