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    Cesar Tepetla Corte
    Error while translating message to the mentioned format.
    Topic posted May 6, 2019 by Cesar Tepetla CorteBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Adapters, API, Cloud, Connection, Database, Integration, Mapping, Orchestration, Process, REST, xml 
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    Error while translating message to the mentioned format.
    Error creating a stage write and stage read

    I have an integration "App Driven Orchestration" where it starts with a rest adapter that receives a content similar to this one:
    "filecontent": "1,3,120,0,145,125,225,345,147,452,10,5,1,100, Comment 1, Production, Y
    2,6,120,0,145,135,250,365,194,504,20,11,2,101, Comment 2, Production, Y
    3,9,120,0,145,145,255,385,241,556,30,15,3,102, Comment 3, Production, Y
    4,12,120,0,145,150,260,400,288,608,40,21,4,103, Comment 4, Production, Y
    5,15,120,0,145,155,265,425,335,660,50,26,5,104, Comment 5, Production, Y "
    I have to separate line by line then, I decided to create a stage write and then a stage read and so to create a for each for stage read and go line by line I did the test with a "Scheduled Orchestration" integration and this works but when poor with The integration of type "App Driven Orchestration" reading operation throws a similar error as the screenshot attached in this post.
    I have attached the .iar file

    Agradesco your opinions and comments.




    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      Are you sure if the request is same? The IAR shared expects payload in {"request":"request"} format but the sample you gave above is of {"filecontent":"filecontent"}.

      Also I'm not sure how a multi-line csv is passed in JSON value?

      • Cesar Tepetla Corte

        Sorry, the content of the payload is actually {"request": "request"} but the content is itself.

        I have a screen in VB where with a file picker I read a CSV file using a JS function, this function stores all the contents of the file in a single variable and that variable is sent to the load of the OIC integration.
        I did tests by writing the variable content in an FTP file and write the content correctly.
        However from one moment to another the settings for stage write and stage read stopped working.