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    Mohanish Mahajan
    Misc Transaction Approval - practical to use E-records and...
    Topic posted May 13, 2019 by Mohanish MahajanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Misc Transaction Approval - practical to use E-records and E-signature ?
    Misc Transaction Approval - practical to use E-records and E-signature ?

    Hi Cloud Experts,

    I have configured E-Records and E-Signature functionality for the approval workflow of Misc. Transactions as per the documentation and Metalink notes but the process flow seems quite impractical to use in day-to-day operations.

    The approval task for Misc. Transactions is an Inline(v/s deferred) type, this means that transactions is not saved to database until approvals are completed.

    After the transaction is submitted by the user, the manager gets notified. If the manager approves immediately, then the user/submitter can refresh the E-signature screen and save it. However if approval takes little longer, then the submitter has no option to search for the submitted transaction as the transaction has not been saved yet. If the user and the manager are co-located and communicating out-side the system, then only this can work otherwise it is not practical. Please validate my observations based on your experience and help answer the following  - 

    1) Is there a way the approval process can be changed from Inline to Deferred ?

    2) For inline, is there any option available to search the approved transactions and save/commit them to the database ?

    3) Any other option to implement approvals for Misc. Inventory adjustments?

    Best Regards,

    Mohanish Mahajan

    Reference - 

    Fusion INV: Approval Setup For performing Miscellaneous Transactions (Doc ID 2400957.1)

    Implementing E-Signatures and E-Records



    • Jared Lang


      Currently, Misc Transaction is only enabled for Inline. We do intend to enable Deferred but we do not have a specific release or target date at this time.

      As highlighted in the documentation link you provided - approval of the transaction is the only way to get the record saved to the database and there is not currently any other option for approvals.