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    keerthi P
    How to update Start & End time of an Internal activity in...
    Topic posted October 24, 2017 by keerthi PSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    How to update Start & End time of an Internal activity in OFSC

    Hi All,

    We have a business requirement in which we need to update Start & End time of an Internal Activity in OFSC.

    We are aware that one can achieve this through Time-Slot but what a Time-Slot provides is a range, not an exact value.

    Please suggest if anyone has an idea to update mentioned field with a specific value.

    Thanks & Regards

    OFSC 17.2



    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      Hi Keerthi,

      Instead of using time slot you can use service window to schedule an internal activity at a specific time. Service window allows you to specify 'Service Window Start' & 'Service Window End'. If you use a 5-minute window for this, OFSC will schedule the internal activity at the appropriate time. 

      For example, to schedule an internal activity at 9:30 AM you would pass Service Window Start as 09:30:00 and Service Window End as 09:35:00. OFSC will schedule this internal activity to start at 9:30. The end time of this activity will depend on the 'duration' you pass in for it. 

      Hope this helps to accomplish your requirement. 



    • Ravi Shankar


      To enable service windows, "Support of time slots" property must be disabled for the activity type. You can find this in Configuration - Activity Types. On doing this, you will get flexibility for setting the potential duration for an activity.

    • keerthi P

      Thank you each, we used time slots to specify the start time and the the selection of duration which will auto calculate the end time. 

    • Shankar Narayanan

      Hi Ravi, Shaun,

      I have a tad similar requirement where we want to create a meeting request at particular time. I had created one internal activity called internal & disable support of time slots. I can see the service window is visible, however I am getting service window violated when there are no jobs for the tech in the entire day. Can you pl. guide me on what I'm missing.



    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      Hi Shankar,

      What are you setting for the service window values? Can you provide some screenshots and additional details?



    • Shankar Narayanan

      Thanks Shaun for the quick reply. I have attached the screenshot of the internal activity - "Meeting" which I have configured & also a tech to whom I am trying to assign an meeting request. We want to create a meeting at any time of the day not restricted by customer timeslots configured in the system

    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      Can you show me the warning as well?




    • Shankar Narayanan

      Apologies, missed that in the merge. Warning comes only if we try to create a new internal activity as first internal activity is not visible on the gantt

    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      The error is showing because the ETA for the activity you are creating is 10:15 as you can see from your latest screenshot. If there is already an activity scheduled for this person, or if it is currently after the time of the service window OFS will present an error because the technician is not expected to start within the given time frame. Try and create this activity on a future day or for a later time in the current day and you should not have an issue.