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    Debojyoti Saha
    How to rerun or reopen Process Automation Tasks once closed...
    Topic posted October 3, 2019 by Debojyoti SahaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 3, 2019, tagged Task Manager 
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    How to rerun or reopen Process Automation Tasks once closed in Task manager

    Hi All,

    We have enabled reopen system settings once any task is closed. But this option is not working in case task type is Process Automation type like Run Data Rule or Run Consolidation. Is this by designed? We also have a predecessor task set up before Run Data rule task, which can be reopened by End user. But reopening the predecessor task, doesn't reopen successor task. In this case it is run Data rule task.  Please, let me know what will be process reopening/ rerun of process automation type tasks.






    • Tom LeFebvre

      Process automation tasks can not be reopened.  If a re-run is needed, copy the task and add a new execution into the schedule. 

      Also reopening a task does not reopen successor Tasks.  

      • Debojyoti Saha

        Thanks Tom. But during close process if end user is submitting data using Run Data Rule automation and it can't be estimated how many times, they might submit the data due to late entry in ledger.  If Process automation task can't be reopened, is there a way to create Run Data Rule or Run Consolidation task as End User Task.