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    Issue when using existing integration flow in new...Answered
    Topic posted November 7, 2019 by Simon Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited November 7, 2019, tagged Cloud, Integration, Mapping, REST 
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    Issue when using existing integration flow in new integration
    Call - Integration action doesn't let me map outputs

    When I configure a step in my new integration to call an existing integration I'm having an issue mapping input and output.

    I don't get the option to map my template parameters in the input, only see the GET element, no child elements.

    Similarly, even though the output of the existing integration is defined as JSON, in my new flow I'm only getting a GETResponse complex type, without any child elements. The existing service is properly configured and working fine, I can call it (e.g. using postman) and am getting the response I expect.

    Is the functionality to call an existing integration only designed to kick off another integration, which doesn't require inputs and doesn't produce any output?


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    Hemanth Lakkaraju

    There is a known issue at the moment, if you are using MVRP feature, you cannot use Local Integration feature. You have to use explicit REST invokes.