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    jon whelan
    ERP Cloud Support - What's Available & How to Succeed
    Topic posted December 5, 2018 by jon whelanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Discussion Forums, Fusion, Help Center, Search, Setup, Tip, Upgrade 
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    ERP Cloud Support - What's Available & How to Succeed
    Slide deck from the UK OUG session covering tools, procedures, and tips available to Cloud subscribers.

    There's more to support than just creating and managing Service Requests.  Prevention.  Proactive.  Cloud Customer Connect and My Oracle Support combined provide customers a multitude of resources to take full advantage of the self-service Premier Support investment with Oracle. 

    Customize your Dashboard. Personalize with Powerviews. Receive email notifications.   Avoid Service Requests.  Attend our monthly training webcasts.  Uncover the Oracle Learning Library.  Discover the Oracle HelpCenter.  Contribute in Cloud Forums.  Submit your ideas. Build your network.

    This and much more to accelerate your success with Oracle Support.



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Thanks for the Document. Very informative and usefull!!

    • jon whelan


      Thanks for that.  I was not completely certain where to post the pdf, but clearly if you were able to access it, it must be visible to some users.



      • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

        Hi Jon,

        Yes you are right. I am sure customers will see this and can start particpating in the respective communities and forums for better traction.





    • Subhash Valiveti

      Hi Jon,

      This is great document. We have been working on a similar document internally.

      Is there are streaming recording for this session, which we can hear and see?



      • jon whelan


        Thanks for the comment.

        The UK OUG is not sufficiently sophisticated to record sessions (the closest we come in the UK is having a sketch artist ;) ).  As some background: I inherited the task of presenting from Chris Wartiki.  I based my presentation on what he had presented, although I included updates.  There is a YouTube video of him presenting similar material available from here.  Hopefully that would be of some use.




    • Lynette Loy

      Thanks for sharing this content, always good to see what's happening in the wider community

    • Alan Rowland

      Thanks.  I've shared this internally.