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    Daniel Clancy
    Non-Catalog Requisition with no reference to a Contract...
    Topic posted February 1, 2019 by Daniel ClancyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Agreements, Create Requisition, Orders, Public Sector, Requisition Processing 
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    Non-Catalog Requisition with no reference to a Contract Purchase Agreement
    CPA is being auto-filled without entering the Agreement in the Source Agreement field

    Hi.  I discovered an issue involving a Contract Purchase Agreement I have set up.  The CPA is for one department in our City. (Parks).  For one supplier.  Different departments also use the supplier and need purchase orders, but not tied to the CPA.

    What I'm seeing now is any requisition that comes through it automatically tied to the CPA, somehow Oracle is assigning the CPA Agreement.  Is it because I have "enable automatic sourcing"?




    • Jim Van Tongerloo


      Exactly, the 'Enable automatic sourcing' will trigger the CPA to be used on your requisitions. You can disable it and it will never be used by default.

      If you want it to be used for Parks (automatically), but not for the others, here might be an idea:

      If your departments use the same Requisitioning Business Unit, you could try to set up the CPA for a specific Supplier Site which Parks uses.

      The other departments can use a second Supplier Site as to not trigger the CPA.

      Would that be an idea?


    • Ashok

      Perhaps this article will help shed some light?