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    Jonathan Watson
    OPA to trigger a "named event"?
    Topic posted August 4, 2015 by Jonathan Watson 
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    OPA to trigger a "named event"?

    Hello forum,

    I need to know whether, on completion of an embedded (within Service Cloud) OPA form, a “named event” be triggered in Service Cloud?

    We could trigger a Custom Process Model (CPM) in Service Cloud as a result of an update but this is more complex and is considered a customisation.




    • Davin Fifield

      Hi Jonathan, 

      I assume you mean in Agent Desktop? The OPA workspace control doesn't provide a specific way of doing this, so I think your only option is to trigger an update based on a data change that is made in the Service Cloud database by the OPA interview when it completes. 



    • Nathalia Vieira

      Hi all.

      I know this is an old post but lets hope anybody sees it.

      I have the same demand as Jonathan: to trigger an event or rule after submitting the OPA interview.

      I followed Davin's suggestion to use a workspace update as trigger, but when I submit the OPA interview, the data on the workspace are only updated after I click on refresh on the agent desktop. However, after the data is updated, the rules are not triggered. Isn't there another way to trigger rules when submitting the interview?


    • Davin Fifield

      At this time, there is no built in way to trigger the workspace to automatically refresh when the interview is submitted.