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    Yousif Badawi
    Partial Physical Inventory Count
    Topic posted July 5, 2019 by Yousif BadawiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged How-To, Inventory Cloud 
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    Partial Physical Inventory Count
    How to update only part of the items in the Physical Inventory Count

    Hi everyone,

    We run [Physical Inventory Count] against our inventory which we did not count all of the items while doing it (4 divisions need urgent correction). How can we correct only the counted items while removing the rest for the mentioned operation? Also, can we know more about this below clarifications and how to be implemented?

    We read through the document [Using Inventory Management] and found the attached lines, but we couldn't understand how it's doable?

    13 (19B)



    • Michael Cummings

      If the intention is to record/post inventory adjustments for only the Physical Inventory Tags that have been counted up to a certain time and disregard the rest, then the only option is to void all the tags that were not counted. Once all non-counted tags have been voided,  Physical Inventory adjustments can be posted for only the counts that were executed. 

      With regards to purging physical inventory information: This is historical information in the data base about completed/posted Physical Inventories. All inventory adjustments will have been made prior to performing this purge. It is more of a house keeping activity to aid in clean up once record retention guidelines are met. 

      • Yousif Badawi

        Thank you Michael for passing by. The [Void] option will make all my voided items are zero quantity, correct? If yes, in that case I will not be able to invoice my non-counted stock until I did the counting process again! In another words, the non-counted stock will not be there at all to utilize which I don't want to do.

    • Michael Cummings

      It will not record the voided tags as zero. It will not record any quantity. Voiding a Physical Inventory Tag behaves as if the tag was never generated. The system quantity remains unchanged. 

      • Yousif Badawi

        Thanks again Mr Michael. We will test that now. Some reserved items need to be cleared first in Test pod before we can carry on. I will let you know the result. Meanwhile, can you please explain this one it's telling the opposite:

        3.  Why does the Approve Physical Inventory Adjustments page show that the application is adjusting out the whole on-hand quantity when I am voiding a tag?

        For Default Tags: This is the same as entering a count quantity of zero, and the complete on-hand quantity needs to be adjusted out.  You may want to void a default tag if you do not find any on-hand quantity for that tag.  Voiding a default tag does not mean that you do not want to count a default tag.

        For Blank Tags: You can void an unused blank tag.  This is done to indicate that you are done with the process for this tag.


        Source: Fusion INV: Common Problems and Solutions - Perform Physical Inventory Count (Doc ID 1471555.1)

    • Michael Cummings

      Sorry Yousif,

      I passed along some incorrect information. If the user voids a Physical Inventory tag,  we set that the count quantity is 0. Users set this void flag if they don't find the item in the location specified in the tag.