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    Hamish Gifford-Moore
    Updating Invoice status from external system
    Topic posted January 11, 2018 by Hamish Gifford-MooreRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    Updating Invoice status from external system
    Oracle invoices are being paid by a 3rd party system and we need to be able to update the oracle invoice pay status

    We need to be able to update an oracle invoice to be able to set it as paid.

    Options considered:

    1. API to set Invoice status to paid. QName: InvoiceStatus{} Will this work or is there another API?

    2. Update a field on the Invoice such as invoice group or paymet priority so we could select that as a data select for a dummy payment run

    3. Are there any other routines avaialble to update an invoice data fields or status?

    All suggestions greatfully accepted.




    • Becky Alvarez

      No there is not any way today to update invoice payment status other than paying from within Cloud.  Too many tables and references are affected by payments to be able to update this information through an API. 

      What you could do is place all invoices on a user defined payment hold and when the 3rd party system has paid them, you could release the payment hold using the Manage Invoice Web Service then pay them via a dummy payment run.  If, for some reason the 3rd party voids the payment and you need to reopen the invoice for payment in Cloud Payables, you would have to manually void payment in Cloud Payables but you could place the invoice back on hold programmaticly using the Manage Invoice Web Service.

      • Hamish Gifford-Moore

        Thanks Becky we'll try modelling this now.

      • Shaan

        Correct. To add to it. You can also, create a Pay Group to identify such invoices in the first place. And while making a dummy payment select the cheque option which is the easiest one.

        • Hamish Gifford-Moore

          Thanks Shaan, We would like to use the Pay Group but have not seen how we could update this field on the invoice via a web service. Are you aware of a way of doing this? We will have upwards of 10K per month hence the need for automation.

          The cheque option for the dummy payment sounds good and we'll look at that.