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    Nikhil Hande
    Source and Destination locator on transfer order
    Topic posted October 28, 2019 by Nikhil HandeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud 
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    Source and Destination locator on transfer order
    Requires ability to specify locator field on transfer order

    Hi Team

    We would like to have ability to add or edit locator field on transfer order. The ability would be needed on one or all below fields

    1) FBDI template SupplyOrderImportTemplate to add source and destination locator for transfer order

    2) Destination locator field can be added on request transfer order page in manage item quantity page in inventory management

    3) Edit transfer order on Manage transfer order page in inventory management should allow to modify source and destination locator.

    The current functionality can be achieved through manage item defaults in setup and maintenance page for item/org/transaction type combination but it is too hard to maintain. Specially when we move material for direct shipment between two inventory org.

    Our customer specifically move very large number of product lots between organizations and to reduce efforts we use direct shipment wherein receipt is not needed. Now, since we cannot specify destination locator on transfer order, all our direct shipment goes in pending with error for locator and we need to manually correct all transactions for locator.

    please note that, business do not want to specify item transaction default as our inventory movement is for specific purpose and we have locators designed for those purpose(EG item can be stored in storage to use, but needs to be stored in Humanitarian locator for humanitarian use). So item transaction defaults cannot be used in such case.

    Let us know what can be done