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    Kim Puls
    Removing 4 expenditure types from a burden structure
    Topic posted January 7, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Project Management 
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    Removing 4 expenditure types from a burden structure

    I need to remove 4 expenditure types that were put into out MTDC1 burden structure incorrectly. If I remove them now, do I need to create a different version? Will it affect any prior charges that are in the system or will it just be from the date the change was made forward?

    Thanks - Kim

    University of Wyoming



    • Kim Puls

      So, I had to end-date that specific structure and copy/build a new structure without those 4 expense types...wasn't too much of a problem. However now I am looking at the Burden Schedules, trying to end-date all the MTDC1 and rebuild with the new Default Burden Structure...when I put in an end-date I get the following error:

      The To Date of the burden schedule cannot be earlier than the To Date of the latest burden schedule version 1-060917-KP. (PJF-2236048)

      It doesn't matter what end-date I put in the won't except it. Do I have to end-date the Burden Schedule Version and create an entire new version? Not just change the few MTDC1s that need the new default burden structure?


      University of Wyoming