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    Paul Rogers
    Sending images in OFSC Collaboration
    Topic posted July 12, 2018 by Paul RogersSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Collaboration 
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    Sending images in OFSC Collaboration

    Within OFSC Collaboration, it is possible for people using the Mobility app or Mobility web page to easily attach images to any chats they are participating in.  However from the Manage web interface there is no visible functionality to attach images.

    As a workaround the mobility web interface can be opened in a desktop browser and the image attached from there, but feels like it shouldn't be needed.  Is it possible to add images to collaboration chats from the managed web interface?




    • Hema Gattupalli

      Hi Paul,

      I tried this and found its working feature. Images can be shared via chat to one or multiple groups from Mobility/Mobile. Its working in 17.X and 18.X versions.

      If it doesn't work for mobility app, probably reinstall it from playstore will resolve the issue.




    • Paul Rogers

      Hema - thanks for the quick reply.

      Image sharing works well in mobility, my query was concerned with the ability to send images from the manage web interface.  There isn't a button to add the image that I can see (with image sharing enabled for that user type) and wondered if anyone knew if this was possible.



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Paul,

      This is a missing feature that worth to put into IdeaLab.
      Or just the button is missing from Manage, but this is the same case.


    • Paul Rogers

      Zsolt - this was my thought also - but wondered if the community knew something I didn't!

    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      I don't even found the attaching functionality within Mobile or Collaboration documentation...

    • Dima Buldakov

      Paul, what prevents user of legacy manage interface completely move to mobility? 

    • Paul Rogers

      Hi Dima,

      The users of the manage interface are based in the office, and one of the recurring questions about mobility is around office based users being able to send images to the field resources from the manage interface.  I think a workaround by getting the office users to open another web session using the mobility url shouldn't be needed for this.

      Another question that I get asked on this topic is around sending files other than images from the office to the field.  PDF files being the most common request.