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    Tim Simpson
    Questions that include an Intent & Q&A
    Topic posted October 15, 2019 by Tim SimpsonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Bots, Virtual Assistant 
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    Questions that include an Intent & Q&A
    Issues with Oracle DA when a question includes an intent as well as Q&A


    Our Oracle DA when asking a question that includes an Intent as well a Q&A you are given a display that requires clicking for the intent response to appear.

    Example: Our greeting intent is triggered when a customer for eg. says Hello, Hi, Good afternoon etc. the intent auto responds and says Hello (see image 1)

    If you ask a Q&A question you are provided with an answer (see image 2)

    Now if you combine the Intent and the Question you are given 2 clickable options (see image 3), the intent (Hello) or the Q&A answer (View answers), these two options need to be clicked, however we feel it is pretty pointless for this particular intent to clicked as all it will say is Hello,and will not answer the question.

    So we want to know if there is anyway to bypass the greeting intent (Hello) for scenarios such as when someone includes this particular intent alongside a Q&A.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.






    • Grant Ronald

      So you can probably guess that since "hello" and "I have server issues" are infact both resolving (I assuming hello is intent the server issues is QnA).  The reason you are getting this is that the phrase is resolved to these intents both of which are above the thresholds - in this case the confidenceThreshold for the intent.  What you need to do is look and see what that input phrase is resolving to - you should then compare that to the confidenceThreshold - it could be that the easiest thing is to adjust that threshold.

      Alternatively (and difficult without seeing it) - you might also have to look at your training data for the hello intent - if you would be willing to publish it here I can have a look.  Additionally, have you created an unresolvedIntent?  By training that with phrases it might help lower how much the skill is giving to the hello intent.

    • Tim Simpson

      Hi Grant, thanks for the response.

      We have configured the Thresholds and this has resolved the issue.