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    Robin Chatterjee
    Fix the rating system Please
    Topic posted October 4, 2018 by Robin ChatterjeeBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited October 4, 2018, tagged Discussion Forums, Personal Settings and Preferences 
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    Fix the rating system Please
    is a one star rating good ? is a three star rating good ? why stars dont cut it

    This is what I posted about someone who gave a comment a one star rating....


    Also seeing as you have used the one star rating on another note what do you make of the forum rating system ?  personally find the star system reminiscent of music library rankings. In which to me anything below 3 is a negative rating . 3 is meh and 4 and 5 are good and very good respectively.  There are others who disagree and say any star rating is a good rating but that basically removes the ability to downvote a post like you seemed to be doing .. in that sense the slashdot rating system makes more sense for a community than a 1 star to 5 star rating system...

    So my question is if a community has a star rating system like this one that goes from one to five and once you rate a comment you cannot unrate a comment and there is no default rating what constitutes a good rating . Is a one star good and a 5 star better ? Or is a one star bad and a 3 star meh making a 5 star brilliant ? why not use something like facebook likes or XDA thanks or slashdot 1 to 5 with a modfier ? this star system is very ambiguous. set a default rating or have a negative positive system... but this system is too open to interpretation and there are no visible forum admin guidelines...

     I see both Hemal and Mimi are supposed to get a notification for this so I would like them to officially weigh in on this topic... :) and provide a counterveiling view...






    • Mimi Won Yuen

      ***** Exceptional

      ****   Very helpful

      ***    Neutral or somewhat helpful

      **      Does not add value

      *        Invalid or does not make sense

      We believe the star rating system should follow the standard rating that many hotels, restaurants, product reviews, and other social media sites follow.  On a scale from 1 to 5, the value 5 should be reserved for exceptional contributions – for example, those which fully solve a problem, add great value, answer a question completely, or address a very interesting or important topic. The value 4 should be used for content that is very helpful and/or answers the question, 3 used for neutral comments or suggestions that may or may not be applicable, 2 used for content that does not add value, and 1 used for comments that are negative, invalid or do not make any sense.

      It’s also important to note that not every comment must be rated – for example a simple “thank you,” or a response that says, “your suggestion solved my problem” would not require a rating.

      We would love to encourage our members to rate posts and comments because the more times something is evaluated appropriately, the more likely the rating will reflect a true value.

      • Robin Chatterjee

        It’s also important to note that not every comment must be rated  - to translate this  in your original analogy  "It’s also important to note that not every hotel must be rated"

        But if you have an unrated hotel it generally implies that it is substandard not that it is undiscovered. So in effect all good guides rate all hotels. and that is the conflict with these two paradigms. 

      • Robin Chatterjee

        On the old site this is the rating system
        1 star Poor
        2 star Below Average
        3 star Average
        4 star Above Average
        5 star Excellent

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      In the service cloud forum we don't have stars. Only thumbs up or down which seems to be 20 points

      • Robin Chatterjee

        When I look at the service cloud forums I see 5 stars ... perhaps its an anomaly since you have been a member for longer ?


        • Sebastiaan Draaisma

          It's strange. After I visited or wrote a comment it got changed to stars for me so I guess a script changed something in my settings. Now I see stars everywhere. I agree with your hotel statement. I also think the rating has to be revised. I mean what's the point of having a black diamon leader board if you can get there after 60 comments in the forum and by rating everything. Doesn't make sense to me. I think they should reduce giving stars to max 5 points. (receiving can be higher)

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I also wonder if you guys maybe have a different rating system.
      I mean, for me I don't understand how someone can have 124.000 points with only 186 comments so I think you guys have a different rating system right?

      In the SVC forum this would simply be impossible with only 186 comments and 11 posts

      Creation: 11 x 10 = 110
      Comments: 186 x 20 = 3720
      Best answer 186 x 50 = 9300

      That's around 13.000 points which would mean that around 111.000 points would come from ratings. That doesn't make any sense to me :-)

    • Robin Chatterjee

      In this forum ratings have almost as high a value as comments which is probably not a good idea...:) that's why if you diligently rate all comments you will

      1. Be rebuked by the forum mantainers and

      2. Find your self on the leaderboards :)

      Of course hopefully this will encourage more people to rate posts :)

    • Robin Chatterjee

      I think ideas also seem to be highly underrated - of course since ideas are not enabled for most of IaaS and PaaS that is a good thing for us IaaS and PaaS enthusiasts.


    • Christopher Maggiulli
      I think we should remove the ability to vote on ones own comments.
      • Robin Chatterjee

        Or perhaps it would be enough not to have votes on ones own comments count in the rankings. Again the issue here is that if a comment has zero ratings one can't distinguish if its the apathy of the forum users or the unworthiness of the comment :) 

    • Robin Chatterjee

      Also remove the ability to mark ones own answer as a best answer at least not until a decent amount of time passes... 

      • Sebastiaan Draaisma

        Yes, most definitely. That's just asking for abuse.
        It feels like there was not much thinkering behind the rating system, like someone just did it in an hour without thinking of any consequences.

        Marking your own answer as best is sometimes required but should not count towards your own statistics. Just like rating your comments should not influence your own stats.