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    Daniel Clancy
    Create new contract clause version - delete version?
    Topic posted March 28, 2019 by Daniel ClancyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    Create new contract clause version - delete version?

    I made an edit to the terms and conditions of my PO’s yesterday 3/27.  Edited again same day around 9 pm and didn’t realize Oracle assigns the start date to the day after your first edit.  Perhaps it’s the time difference Oracle is EST not PST.

    I processed a few PO’s; saw the terms were not updated, edited again, the start date moved, edited again, start date moved. I investigated and realized the start date was wrong.  

    I tried to edit the start date back to 3/27 on a new version.  Oracle won’t allow for that. 

    I tried to create a new version, with a newer start date, Oracle won’t allow editing start dates to before the latest start date.  

    Is there a way to get around this?