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    Unable to upload MYStuffNav view.php
    Topic posted September 8, 2008 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 by Dietrik Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Unable to upload MYStuffNav view.php

    I tried to change the MystuffNav submenu widget, removing some of the buttons. Somehow I can't upload the changed file (view.php). There's a copy failed error message. This is the only file sofar that gives this error, other files upload fine.


    As a workaround  I created my own custom My Stuffnav widget.


    Anyone else having this problem ? 


    Regards, Dirk



    • Ernie Turner
      It sounds like you're trying to upload the view.php file to the standard/composite/MyStuffNav folder correct? If that's the case, it's failing because you aren't allowed to overwrite any files in the standard widgets directory, you must make a custom widget (which it sounds like you did) in order to modify standard widget functionality.
    • Dietrik

      Ok thanks for the fast reply, I can live with that in most cases.

      I is however not very handy to have to create your own widget and change quite a few pages just to remove an option from this submenu.


      Reagrds, Dirk