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    Pawan Gupta
    When is new release updated on existing ODA instance
    Topic posted November 4, 2019 by Pawan GuptaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Bots, Conversational AI, Virtual Assistant, VPA 
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    When is new release updated on existing ODA instance
    When is new release updated on existing ODA instance

    My understanding is that 19.10 which is released should have got updated in my ODA instance though it did not. Do i need to do anything?



    • Frank Nimphius



      actually instances will be updated to 19.4.1. Oracle Digital Assistant 19.19 is OCI based, which is a different cloud architecture, and is not yet available for migration. At current, ODA 19.10 is available for SaaS customers and will become generally available in a couple of weeks (likely with a different version number then). The uptake of ODA 19.10 is a platform change to OCI too. We give you more details and this when we are getting closer to it. 


      • Pawan Gupta

        Frank, Grant - any update when the features released in OCT month will be applied to existing ODA instance, I am looking forward to utilize MS Extension with MS Team channel, please let me know any tentative timeline or if there is any way to get latest features enabled in my existing ODA instance.

    • Pawan Gupta

      thanks, i will wait.. it appears for ERP client better things to advise is provisioning the ODA for SaaS given the features are being released in that flavor earlier than just ODA.