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    Ciaran McGowan
    Importing 1,000,000+ Records
    Topic posted December 4, 2015 by Ciaran McGowanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Importing 1,000,000+ Records

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me if Service Cloud facilitates massive data uploads? I have a client who is migrating to OSC and would like to import all previous Incidents.

    As Incidents are 12 digits, 6 for the date and 6 that increment by 1 (e.g. 031215 – 000001), does this mean that after 999,999 records, I'm going to run into trouble?


    May 2015



    • Dietrik

      Yes, you need to import in batches over several days if you want it imported in the incidents table

      I'd first question the reason behind the import. Is it really needed ? Is it onlly for archiving purposes and can it also be stored somewhere else ? How do you handle the related contacts ?

    • Charlie Mopps

      I'm going to save you some time and heartache and just tell you now, don't even try it. The limit on the reference number is the least of your concerns.

      Oracle Service Cloud / Rightnow has some pretty strict restrictions on what can be returned in any analytics call (reports) if you were to import >100,000 records at any one time, and then later wrote a report that was, for example, supposed to show you all tickets for a day, or queues by day, etc... that report would never run because of your large import. Even worse, there are a lot of internal canned reports that you cannot edit that might break as well.

      Which contact are you going to attach to these incidents? If you assign the same contact to all 1 million of them, and then later update that contact, you'll find out the hard way about Parent>Child chain updates. Updating that 1 contact in the wrong way (like changing their Org_id) will result in all 1 million incidents updating simultaneously. Your entire site will come to a screeching halt.

      We've found out the hard way that large records updates are a no-no. We actually have a company policy that restricts record updates to <10,000 records per hour. We actually try and keep the number below 2000 per hour if we can.