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    Eric Dominguez
    Components disappear when assigning a variable to a...
    Topic posted September 22, 2019 by Eric Dominguez, tagged REST, UI 
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    Components disappear when assigning a variable to a component in vbcs
    i am using a REST Endpount from Cloud HCM. When I create a type against the endpoint, create a variable and assign a variable to a text area, the succeeding components just dissapear.

    I've attached a document to show the details of what I did. 




    • David Konecny

      In a situations like this open browser developer tools and in console you will see error logging. The problem in your application is that you bound FirstName field to variable which does not exist. That is, PublicWorkerVariables.items array is blank and hence the component cannot render value PublicWorkerVariables.items[0].FirstName. Assign the variable some value and components will render again.