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    Niomi Sutherland
    18A Upgrade - New Configuration Settings...
    Topic posted May 17, 2018 by Niomi SutherlandRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    18A Upgrade - New Configuration Settings DATABASE_USAGE_STATS_PURGE_DAYS &...

    Hi Everyone,

    We are in the process of upgrading to 18A and there are some new configuration settings that we haven't been able to work out what impact they will have on our system.  I have searched all documentation available and logged a job with support and have been advised to try asking the Community.  I am hoping someone can help us out. 


    *****Warning Warning Warning *****
    Configuring this setting to any number other than the default may cause data to be irretrievably deleted from the database. Review the setting description and documentation carefully prior to setting the value. Verify that your organisation will have no future need to report on the date range exceeding the intended threshold.
    *****Warning Warning Warning *****
    Specifies the number of days after which the Database Usage Stats data will be deleted. The minimum value for this setting is 31 and the maximum is 731. Default is 731.
    As this can't be set to 0 I am trying to work out what usage statistics we will lose from the system and what impact this will have on reporting.
    Enables the Process Isolation feature in the .NET agent console. Default is disabled (No).
    Oracle Support pointed us to the following information which we reviewed but I am still unsure what the IE11 emulation mode for the Browser Control new feature does for us.
    Answer Title: Enabling Internet Explorer 11 emulation mode for the Browser Control
    Answer Link:
    Any advice/information would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers Niomi
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    • Andrew Wooster

      We have embedded several web browsers in our workspace and configured rules to load specific web pages when the agent chooses a particular menu field.  Before we enabled IE11 Emulation Mode, if the agent clicked into a form field on the web page and then clicked out onto the workspace, it would cause the entire console to become unresponsive and crash.  This is something to do with the default web browser using IE7 or some other ridiculous out of date version of IE.  In the documentation it states that once this is turned on for a profile it cannot be undone.  So I turned it on for my profile on one of our development sites.  I then thoroughly tested and found that for us it had no adverse effects and resolved the issue with the unresponsive console.  We have been using it in production for 6+ months and everything is working as expected, so I would suggest testing with a dev site to make sure it works for you before pushing to production.

      We are running 17D so I am not familiar with the other configuration setting.

    • Niomi Sutherland

      Hi Andrew, thank you very much for providing those details. 

      Once we have upgraded I will look at doing some testing on one of our development sites...but it sounds like we may not need to enable the functionality at this stage anyway.

      Hopefully someone using 18A may have some insight into the DATABASE_USAGE_STATS_PURGE_DAYS configuration setting.  Oracle were unable to provide any additional details.

      Cheers Niomi