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    Query - Smart forms (Global Catalog)
    Topic posted July 16, 2019 by FelixMRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Manage Procurement Catalog, Setup 
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    Query - Smart forms (Global Catalog)
    Query - Smart forms (Global Catalog)


    We are currently implementing procurement in the cloud for UK, US and Swiss.

    For UK

    1. I have defined a smart forms 

        Smart forms 1   - Supplier A, Category A  (UK BU)

        Smart form 2     - Supplier B, Category B  (UK BU)

    2. Created  Content Zone (UK Content Zone) and assigned the smart forms above to the content zone

       - Security (available for all BUs) 

    3. Created a catalog (UK Catalog)  - Procurement BU = UK BU

       -Assigned the above UK Content Zone to the Catalog


    I have repeated the above setup for US and CH Business Units



    Is there a simpler way of Implementing this i.e. Have one global catalog and have different content zones (UK, US and Swiss) under that catalog?


    If the same smart form is used across two BUs do I have to define it twice under each BU? Can I define the smart form once and use it across BUs i.e. UK and US content zone?












    • Ashok

      Do UK, US and Swiss share the same Procurement BUs? I suspect not.

      Remember, all of the Catalog configuration and Content Zone access controls all work in the context of a Procurement BU.

      So if the answer to my question is no, then what you have done seems correct.

      A lot of customers have experience in these sort of business scenarios. I would be curious to see if anyone has a different viewpoint.

    • FelixM

      Ashok, no the BU is different for each country


                UK Requisition BU 

                UK Procurement  BU


                US Requisition BU 

                US Procurement  BU


                Swiss Requisition BU 

                Swiss Procurement  BU


      Query1 - I assume that means that the setup I've done is correct i.e. setup Catalog, Content Zone and Catalog for the BU

      Query2 - If do the setup for the BU, what is the relevance of the following for the content zone setup?

       Content Zone (UK Content Zone) and assigned the smart forms above to the content zone

         - Security (available for all BUs)  - what does all BUs mean when the content zone is setup for a BU?





    • Ashok

      Query 1: Yes, I believe so

      Query 2: BU's here are talking about Requisitioning BU within the Procurement BU for which the Content Zone access is defined.