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    Judy Hamner
    Application times out when shopper is in a punchout catalog...
    Topic posted August 29, 2018 by Judy HamnerSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Setup 
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    Application times out when shopper is in a punchout catalog for more than 30 minutes
    Our application is timing out when a shopper is punched out to a supplier catalog for more that 30 minutes and their shopping cart is lost.

    If it takes a shopper more than 30 minutes to shop in a punch out catalog (a pretty normal occurrence in our organization), when the cart is submitted they have to log back in to the application.  At this point, the cart is completely lost and the shopper has to start over. We have an open SR but I'm wondering if this is an issue for anyone else.

    Judy Hamner



    • Ashok

      So the supplier site is live beyond 30 minutes and allows the user to shop but once it comes back to the Self Service Procurement application, it times out?

      Does it throw any specific error code or just logs you out automatically?

      I will let other customers weigh in too but I wanted to understand this a bit better.

    • Judy Hamner

      Yes, that is correct, Ashok.  The shopper is actively shopping in the supplier punchout catalog for more than 30 minutes.  When they submit their cart, Self Service Procurement has timed out.  The use has to log back in at which time the cart is not imported and it is also no longer available in the catalog so they have to start over. There is no error code thrown - just logs out automatically.

      As noted, there is an open SR so it is being worked through MOS.  I just was curious if anyone else was having the same issue.

    • Ashok


      Can you share if you have observed these?