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    Options available for users approving the supplier...
    Topic posted November 30, 2018 by Shivani RoyBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited November 30, 2018, tagged Approvals/Notifications, Supplier Registration, Tip 
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    Options available for users approving the supplier registration requests
    Options that approvers of supplier registration requests have when reviewing registration requests.


    Supplier registration request approvers receive the approval notification based on the registration request approval rules configuration.

    Let’s look at some significant options that an approver has when reviewing the supplier registration request.

    • Edit Supplier Registration Request
      The approver reviewing the notification can navigate to the Edit Supplier Registration Request page by clicking the hyperlink ‘Edit Supplier Registration Request’ on the approval notification.The approver can directly edit the registration request to provide additional information available to him or her or to correct any typos in the data entered. This will help save time as compared to when the registration request is requested for re-submission for simpler edits.
      • Privileges required to edit the supplier registration request:
        To access the Edit Supplier Registration Request option, the user must have the privilege ‘Edit Supplier Registration Request’.
        The Bank Accounts region will be available for editing only when the user has the ‘Edit Supplier Registration Bank Account’ privilege.
      • Approve the request from Edit Supplier Registration Request page
        If the approver needs to validate supplier registration data for duplicate, use the Approve action from the Edit Supplier Registration Request page. This option validates the supplier registration record for all possible validations, including duplicate validations and shows the errors to the approver.
        For example uniqueness of the Company Name, Taxpayer ID or Tax Registration Number are checked against the existing suppliers.