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    Piyush Singh
    Request Information Configuration Option for Approvers
    Topic posted February 27, 2019 by Piyush SinghGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notifications, How-To 
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    Request Information Configuration Option for Approvers
    Configuration to remove the Request Information option for approvers in approval notification.

    Request Information action allows an approver to send an approval request to any other internal user, including the requester, for more information. User receives a request information notification that is submitted back to the approver after providing the requested information. Out of the box, Request Information option is available to all the workflows related to suppliers and this includes external supplier registrations.

    In one of our earlier posts ‘Request to Resubmit and Request Information actions on supplier registration requests’ we had covered the use cases where Request Information and Request to Resubmit options are to be used. For external registration requests, approvers must not use Request Information option to get additional information from the requester.

    To avoid approvers requesting information from the requester using Request Information option, you can configure to remove it from the list of available actions following these steps:

    Step 1: Navigate to BPM Worklist > Administration > Task Configuration



    Step 2: Search for the task that you need to work on. For this post, we will use External Registration Approval task.



    Step 3: Click to edit this task and navigate to Access tab. Expand the Actions option and look for Information Request task action. You will see Assignees as Individuals with Access saved by default. Click on the lov and uncheck the Assignees option.





    Step 4: Save and Commit the change.

    Step 5: Verify that the Request Information option will no longer be available to approvers when reviewing external registration requests.