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    Ling Xiang
    R13.18A OTBI BI Catalog Lockdown
    Topic posted June 15, 2018 by Ling XiangGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited June 15, 2018 by Bernice LamBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    R13.18A OTBI BI Catalog Lockdown
    With 13.18A release customers will no longer be able to modify the shipped BI catalog content.

    R13.18A OTBI Product Alert

    This product alert is published by Oracle OTBI Product Development.

    Release 13.18A Factory BI Catalog Lockdown

    To minimize upgrade regression, an enhancement has been introduced in the 13.18A release to permanently make the shipped BI catalog content read-only.  If users attempt to modify the shipped BI catalog content including folder permissions, they will receive an alert "You are not allowed to modify factory content. Save your own content in /Shared/Custom."  Customers that upgrade from R12 to R13 will no longer be able to make changes to the delivered BI catalog even with BI Administrator role. Starting with R13.18A, BI catalog folders will behave as follows:

    • Customers must save all custom content in /Shared/Custom folder or create new sub-folders under /Shared to maintain custom content.
    • Except for /Shared/Custom folder, customers can no longer make any modifications to the delivered BI catalog. If a user attempts to add, change or remove any object including permission list in the delivered catalog folder, he/she will get an error "You are not allowed to modify factory content. Save your own content in /Shared/Custom."
    • Customers are permitted to retain EXISTING custom top-level folders under Shared. All existing content in those top-level custom folders will be preserved.
    • Customers cannot add, remove or change permissions on the shipped folders, e.g. /Shared/ Human Capital Management
    • Customers cannot modify the folder permissions to 'hide' the shipped factory catalog folder, e.g. hide /Shared/Marketing.
    Impact on R12 upgrade customers:
    • For customers upgrading from R12, all existing custom content in /Shared/Custom or custom folders under /Shared and their sub-folders will remain as they are.  However, if customers have modified the content in the delivered BI catalog folders, e.g. added custom reports, modified delivered reports, modified folder or report permission, all changes to this content will be lost after the R13 upgrade.  Customers are advised to archive their custom BI catalog to a file prior to R13 upgrade; and after R13 upgrade customers can unarchive the custom projects in the /Shared/Custom folder.  


    • Fusion application users are auto-provisioned with BI Consumer role, which allows them to read and traverse the BI catalog folders. This access is for folder viewing and navigation only and doesn't give the user the privilege to view, open, edit and execute BI reports, for which the user has no security authorization. An enhancement is in development to restrict access to BI catalog folders such that a user will no longer be able to see and traverse BI catalog folders that he or she has no security authorization to access.



    • Madhu Bolli

      Hi Ling Xiang,

              Thank You. This information is useful.  However, I would like to check that how we can copy the existed format layout and create a new custom layout (instead of copying/editing/customize existed format layout). My requirement is to create a new custom format layout almost similar to the existed format layout in Payments - > 'Disbursement Payment File Formats'. The best way is I need to download the same layout and tweak add an extra column and upload as new format layout(new PPR)..

      Could you provide the approach of downloading existed format layout/data model so that I can use it as new custom.

      • Siva Manickam

        Hi Madhu,

        Have you reviewed the note, this also two notes with detailed instructions.

        Best Practices for Customizing Oracle Fusion Payments Templates using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (Doc ID 1965324.1)

        Siva M

    • Madhu Bolli

      Thank You Siva for quick reply.

      The difference I observed is that when I logged in, for the 'Disbursement Payment File Formats' the BI Catalog, the option it shows is 'Properties' and 'More'. And I didn't find the option of 'Edit'.

      I'm working with my admins that do I need any role to show the 'Edit' option so that I can download the existing format.



    • Kris Dhingra

      Hi -

      We are on Ver 13 update 19A. Is there a way to find out who deleted a report folder from custom folder ?