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    jigo jacob
    Oracle PAAS offering for end to end mobile development
    Topic posted November 22, 2018 by jigo jacobGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited November 27, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Android, iOS, Mobile, Tip 
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    Oracle PAAS offering for end to end mobile development

     We are exploring Mobile development platform, does anybody know of any Oracle Cloud offering for the same.


    It's a bit confusing and I am new to Oracle PAAS offering. Did look up some videos about Oracle PAAS but not very clear.


    Just want some inputs with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), the development tool seems to be MAX, basically for business users. I am guessing the MAX tool generates an underlying MAF application.


    Question 1): Is there any provision in the Oracle MCS to develop the application using Oracle JDeveloper and MAF or does it just provision backend APIs


    Also, is the Oracle MCS one stop shop for all mobile development needs.  Or any other software needs to be installed in addition like SQLLite so forth.


    2) Can anyone suggest a end to end mobile development PAAS with a working example or video.





    • Ameur Baccoucha

      hi ,
      if i understood your questions the what u need to know that MCS is a complete Mobile Backend serivce that provides many feature that faciliate the developement of the application itself (ios , Android ...) also it can intagrate with all backend in an easy way (using connectors).
      Max is a easy whay to develop the front using drag and drop ( i am not sure but i think it is oracleJet not MAF ).


    • jigo jacob

      So if we were to look at a mobile development platform as a PAAS offering. If I understand correctly we should get MCS and install JDeveloper and MAF separately on the developers PC and ignore the MAX tool. Want to understand how MAF and MCS works and if MAF/JDeveloper is bundled in MCS or they live separately.

      Please advise, we are looking to set up mobile development environment (MCS) as PAAS.


      • Ameur Baccoucha

        using MAX you can develop your mobile app (front and upload it to the appStore and googlePlay). 
        but u can use MAF in local to develop ur applicattion and interact with mcs (your backend ) using APIs 

    • Grant Ronald

      MCS (MObile Cloud Service) is a backend as a service.  We are Oracle are client "agnostic" - we do offer technologies such as MAF, VBCS and JET, but equally you can build mobile apps against MCS which are native mobile apps.  So it doesn't matter.

      At Oracle we are considering MCS as a MULTI-CHANNEL backend which means that as well as mobile app development (as mentioned above) you can also build "apps" such as web apps or event chatbots.


      • jigo jacob

        Correct me if I am wrong.

        Thanks Grant,  please clarify my below understanding

        1) So basically install JDeveloper with MAF extension on a local developer machine to create the client app and interact with MCS using REST APIs


        2) The client app developed using JDeveloper/MAF talks directly to the Enterprise systems without needing MCS.


        MCS basically provides common connectors to EIS and provides additional services like user management/security and few other features to tidy up the mobile application architecture.   If you are developing a single small mobile application MCS may be an overkill right.


    • Grant Ronald

      1) yes

      2) yes

      and of course there is the option to NOT use MAF - something like JET or VBCS is probably more of a relevant choice nowadays.

      Note that if you want to license MAF you would have to do so my subscribing to MCS - although you don't have to use MCS

      • jigo jacob

        Thanks for the information. I keep learning something new. So MAF cannot be used free commercially by itself to develop Mobile apps. Need to subscribe to MCS. Is it the case for Oracle Mobile ADF as well.

    • Grant Ronald

      ADF Mobile was deprecated and replaced with MAF - JET gives you options (I believe) for commerically free.


    • jigo jacob

      Is there a Oracle license document which says cannot use MAF without MCS. Just could not find any mention anywhere on the web.

      • Ameur Baccoucha

        u can use MCS with MAF but it will better if u develop ur mobile app using oracleJET (take a look at VBCS)

        • jigo jacob

          Have to say this, so many tools for the same mobile app development. ADF, JET, MAF, APEX and VBCS.

          The justification I read is developers who specialise in java choose ADF or MAF

          JavaScript developers choose JET, PLSQL developers choose APEX.

          and which type of developers is VBCS for.


          I saw a video of Shay, stating choose your mobile development framework based on complexity, integration requirements and so forth.


          Just too many frameworks for the same thing, does not make the choice any easier. Any suggestions.




          • Ameur Baccoucha

            for me, I see it's easy for any developer to use VBCS because it's a platform that makes life very easy
            but to be more productive, you need someone with basic javascript knowledge

          • Grant Ronald

            We live in a world where developers drive demand and different developers want different things.  If your IT investment is heavily in the database wouldn't it make sense to develop your apps the the language of the database - SQL - hence APEX.

            However today, JavaScript is king and so companies want JavaScript development models- hence JET.

            But then we hear that some customer feel JS is too code centric and want higher productivity - hence VBCS.

            You can then throw in all the non-Oracle tech into the mix: Xamarix, Sencha, Kony, iOS, Android etc etc

            C'est La Vie!

            • jigo jacob

              Thanks Grant. Appreciate if you can point me to any link or document which says MAF can only be used with MCS license. Thinking of going with MAF.

    • jigo jacob

      Wish Oracle puts out a document to highlight the pros and con of all these conflicting mobile development frameworks to make  it simpler to select a product.


    • jigo jacob

      Also does the MCS include a WebDav-based server. Please advise.