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    Jeevthan J
    Inline editing for Account / Contact Landing pageAnswered
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by Jeevthan JRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Architecture, Core SFA 
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    Inline editing for Account / Contact Landing page
    Inline editing for Account / Contact Landing page

    How to enable or configure inline editing for Account / Contact Landing page. Using inline editing in the landing page, we can edit the contact or account's key data like City, Country, Nationality, etc without opening the Detailed layout. 


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    Jayaraghavendra Rao


    You can enable inline editing of records on landing pages of the following objects:

    • Accounts

    • Contacts

    • Opportunities

    • Leads

    • Activities

    • Assets

    You enable the feature by setting the system profile option Click-to-Edit on Landing Page Enabled, details of which are given below.

    • Navigate to setup and maintenance
    • Select the 'Sales Foundation' functional area
    • Select the task ' Manage Administrator Profile Values'
    • Search for the profile option code name ZBS_ENABLE_CLICK_TO_EDIT
    • Set the profile option to 'Yes'
    • Save and close