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    Reconcile ap to gl in fusion
    Topic posted May 24, 2017 by new.biRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019 
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    Reconcile ap to gl in fusion
    Reconcile ap to gl in fusion



    what is the best way to reconcile AP to GL in fusion? The documentation on support is referring to ebs. How can I leverage the payable T/B Subject area in OTBI?





    • Linda Wong

      Use the Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation Report:

    • Shyam Santhanam

      BTW, could you also elaborate on what you are trying to reconcile? 

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Here is one document as well for AP to GL reconciliation: 

      Steps to Run Payables to Ledger Reconcilation Report in Fusion Financials (Doc ID 1382816.1)


      The AP TB and the GL TB for the AP trade account do not match. Are there any steps to find the difference and the reasons by invoice number?

      On the document you share what is the difference between payable USD and accounting USD - is this AP accounted amount vs GL accounted amount?

      There are invoice accounting date and AP TB real time accounting date and they are different - which date do I need to be looking at?

    • Linda Wong

      The Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation report will show you the transactions that contribute to difference between AP trial balance and GL trial balance.  Payables USD is the liability amount from the Payables module (based on the transaction amounts in a given period).  Accounting USD is the liability amount from SLA/GL based on the accounting entries.  The report compares the two and finds the transactions that make up the difference.


        Just to clarify - "Payables USD is the liability amount from the Payables module (based on the transaction amounts in a given period"

        is the payable USD accounted amount in AP or does that include un-accounted amount?

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      If you have any difference you can click the amount in the difference column and it will give you 3 different action links to drill down to the possible difference. So ideally your difference reason should be found there directly without any special steps.

      3 action links to find the difference reason:
      - invoice final accounting missing
      - invoice accounts excluded (see earlier mentioned document 1382816.1 on how to properly to define reconcilable accounts. Account Financial Category should be Accounts payable for the accounts in question otherwise this account will not be included in Accounting Amount)
      - Invoice Business Units excluded

      You will have to click each action link to find the possible reason.

      By the way did you already close your AP? If not then ensure you transferred everything. Run eg. Payables Period Close Exceptions Report.
      Remember to run also Prepare Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation report with proper parameters to get your most recent reconciliation extract. 

      In general AP to GL or AR to GL (it is done the same way) reconciliation process should be very straightforward as this dashboard like report has simplified the reconciliation process considerably.

      With respect



        Hi thanks for this. 

        i looked at the document and went managed values task but cannot find anywhere to enter the account number. Is this the correct task  - managed values defined by criteria?

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      So I suppose you have some data on this exception list: "Invoice Accounts Excluded"?

      So to add the accounts on this report you have to:

      1) Goto: Setup and Maintenance
      2) Search for task: Manage Chart of Accounts Value Set Values
      3) If you dont know your value set code name then search for all value sets for Module "General Ledger". there should be one value set related to your Natural Account segment
      4) Then select that value set and press Manage Values
      Now search for your needed accounts which you want to reconcile in Payables.
      Then you can set for them the proper Financial Category and save changes
      5) Run again this ESS Job from Scheduled Processes: "Prepare Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation"
      6) Open again your "Payables to Ledger Reconciliation" report. Ensure you select proper Request Name and press Apply

      Hope you will manage now to reconcile :)

    • MShrini

      It is a nice explanation with usage of Accounts Financial Category for reconciliation.