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    John Wilson Cusi
    Attachment upload for custom objects in OEC through DCSAnswered
    Topic posted November 9, 2019 by John Wilson CusiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Components, Designer Usage 
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    Attachment upload for custom objects in OEC through DCS
    Is it possible to upload attachments to custom objects in OEC through DCS?

    We have a requirement to create a custom object in OEC and we need to expose this object in DCS so that customers can upload attachments to this custom object.

    As far as I know, attachment upload is possible for Service Requests. Is this also possible in custom objects? If yes, can anyone share how to do this?

    OEC 19c, VBCS

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    Nagappan Vairavan

    Hi John,

    Yes it is possible , There is REST API to upload Attachments in Custom Object , bind the API in your VBCS and On particular action invoke the below API 

    API : https://POD CRM /salesApi/resources/

    For More details :