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    Hong Gao
    How to include username in new supplier user account email
    Topic posted May 24, 2019 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Supplier User Account 
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    How to include username in new supplier user account email
    Steps to include username in the new supplier user account email

    When a new supplier user account is created in the application, an email is sent to the new user to reset password and log into the system.  This email, however, does not contain the username information by default.  Buying organization usually determines the username format internally, for example, firstname.lastname@<company domain>.com; this format information is not clear to its supplier users.  You can follow the steps below to include the username information in the email so that supplier user will have the complete account information to access the Supplier Portal application.

    1. Log into the application as an administrator user and go to Security Console > User Categories
    2. Click on the Default user category link, then click on Notifications from the side panel on the left.
    3. Click on Edit button on the upper right corner of the page.
    4. Make sure Enable notifications checkbox is checked for Notification Preferences.
    5. Locate a template name "ORA New Account Template".  This is the template used for the new user account email by default.  Click on the template link to review the details in the dialog.
    6. Uncheck the checkbox for Enabled.  We will disable this default template.
    7. Click Save and Close to dismiss the dialog.
    8. Click on Add Template button.
    9. Provide template name.  Check the Enabled checkbox. Select "New user created" from Event drop down.
    10. For Message Subject and Message, you can reference the details for the same in the "ORA New Account Template", copy the content here and make adjustment as needed.
    11. To include the username information, add the token: ${userLoginId} in the part of the Message that you see fit.
    12. Click Save and Close.
    13. Click Save, and then click Done.

    Emails sent to new supplier users will contain the username information to help user successfully log into Supplier Portal. (See the screenshot for an example email below.)


    Please note that since all new users in the application is assigned to Default user category by default, the notification template change above will impact all new users in the application.

    You can reference more details on defining notification template in the following link: