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    Data Access Control on Supplier SitesAnswered
    Topic posted January 31, 2019 by Shivani RoyBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 31, 2019, tagged Security, Setup, Tip 
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    Data Access Control on Supplier Sites
    Understanding the configuration of data access control on supplier sites

    There are two levels of security that allows access the supplier site information:

    1. Security privileges:
      • View Supplier Site (POZ_VIEW_SUPPLIER_SITES_PRIV): Allows view access to supplier site information.
      • Maintain Supplier Site (POZ_MAINTAIN_SUPPLIER_SITES_PRIV): Allows edit access to supplier site information.
    2. Manage Procurement Agents setup task: Agents access control is given at the "Manage Suppliers" level on this setup task. This setup provides procurement business unit based edit access to users. Supplier sites being the entity linked to procurement business units the users can only edit those sites of a supplier for whom the agent access has been given at the "Manage Suppliers" level.

    Let’s review these use cases to better understand the data access control on supplier sites:

    • Configuration for senior management users who need view only access to sites:

    To ensure the user has view access to all sites information i.e. sites belonging to all procurement business units, grant the privilege View Supplier Site to the user.

    • Configuration for supplier administrators or managers who need edit access to sites.

               There are two steps involved:

    1. Identify the procurement business units for which the user should be allowed to maintain supplier site   information. For all such procurement business units, make the user a procurement agent allowed to Manage Suppliers in the setup task Manage Procurement Agents.
    2. After making the user procurement agent for all procurement business units that user is allowed to maintain sites from, grant the privilege Maintain Supplier Site.

    Points to Consider:

    • Maintain Supplier Site privilege should only be given to users who are allowed to edit supplier site information. If they are allowed to maintain supplier sites, they MUST be made procurement agents with Manage Suppliers action for the procurement business units.
    • If the user needs to have edit access to all sites, then make the user procurement agent for all the procurement business units along with the Maintain Supplier Site privilege.
    • For view only access to sites, user must only be granted the View Supplier Site privilege.Agent access setup will not be required in this case.

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