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    William McLarty
    Creating a Negotiation ending in Agreement from a...
    Topic posted July 16, 2019 by William McLartyGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Negotiation Creation, Negotiation Management, Public Sector 
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    Creating a Negotiation ending in Agreement from a Requisition - is there a better way?
    Creating a Negotiation ending in Agreement from a Requisition - is there a better way?

    I'm sure others have this issue with Budgetary Control.  The client would like ALL negotiations to start with a Requisition.  Requisitions having Negotiations ending with Agreements are Budget Checked and Approved at the Requisition level (And funds reserved).  The Negotiation goes through and creates the agreement BUT the funds are NOT released.  So when the user creates and Requisition/PO from the agreement, the budget is hit with a second budget hit.

    I created an SR (for another client) last year and Oracle came back with working as designed - they won't do anything about it.  The solution we've come up with is to Cancel the Originating Requisition when the Negotiation is started (which the clients don't like because we lose the connection to the origins of the Negotiation).

    Another related issue is that when a Requisition for a Negotiation ending in Agreement is created for a bunch of potential users for that agreement (A school district with multiple schools using the agreement), then the amount is larger than what the originating school or group has available in budget - a requisition cannot be created because it fails budgetary control. 

    We have offered two solutions that have not gone over well.

    1.  Have a "Negotiation" budget that is not absolute, so it will pass budget every time (users fear that it may be used for real goods - we could stick in workflow, but not keen on that idea)

    2.  Start the Process at Negotiation (Do not use Reqs at all) - as stated at the beginning the goal is to start all negotiations from a req.

    Any thoughts or ideas on this?




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    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Bill,

      Please see if this will work for the client.

      • Create a PR for $0.01 and use it for creating RFQ and agreement as an outcome.
      • Create a PR with original amount and process it to a PO once the negotiation award is completed.

      By this way, the budget issue also can be solved and there will be no impact. Hope that helps!!