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    Anna Marie Arnett
    Oracle Support changes navigation for submitting Cloud...
    Topic posted February 19, 2016 by Anna Marie ArnettRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019 by Mimi Won YuenSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Allocations, Assets, Budgetary control, Cash Management, Collections, Expenses, Financials, General Ledger, Intercompany, Invoice Imaging, Payables, Period Close / Reconciliation, Receivables, Reports, Revenue Management 
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    Oracle Support changes navigation for submitting Cloud service requests (SR) in My Oracle Support (MOS).

    To better guide customers when submitting service requests (SR) for Cloud-related services, Oracle Support has changed the navigation in My Oracle Support (MOS). Effective immediately, you can find all Cloud SR templates under a single menu option, “Hosting Services.” The new approach replaces multi-level menus with guided resolution navigation intended to simplify identification of exactly what service you need to request.  

    What You Need to Know

    1. When submitting an SR, a single new menu item, “Hosting Services,” replaces the three menu items used previously:  1) Hosting Services – Application, 2) Hosting Services – Maintenance, and 3) Hosting Services – Server. 
    1. The SR Filing Guidelines section of Oracle Applications Cloud service entitlement definition documents posted to MOS Doc ID 1534683.1 and Doc ID 2004494.1 do not yet reflect these navigation changes, so refer instead to the revised instructions below.
    1. Effective immediately, follow these instructions to submit SRs for Cloud-related services:
      1. Log on to My Oracle Support (MOS).
      2. Select Create SR from the Services Request section or tab.
      3. Under the “What is the Problem” section, enter Problem Summary (e.g., Enable Single Sign On).
      4. Under the “Where is the Problem” section, select the Cloud tab and enter the following: 
        • Service Type:  Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources Cloud Service, or other Cloud Service.
        • Environment:  Select the environment for which you need the service applied.
        • Problem TypeHosting Services
        • Support Identifier: Defaults to your CSI number.
      5. Click Next and provide information requested.

    The system will prompt you to answer a series of questions:

    1. For Question 1, select the option that most closely reflects the issue you need addressed. Each option may be followed by a question mark (?) so you can review help text and related service entitlements.
    2. For Question 2, select the specific service request (SR) that you need fulfilled (e.g., Environment Refresh; Federated Single Sign-on; Language Packs). 
    3. Answer all subsequent questions to provide details needed to fulfill your request. 
    4. Click Next to provide your contact details.
    5. Click Submit to complete your request.

    Please direct questions about this announcement to your Cloud service contacts provided below.

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