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    Charles Lickly
    Exporting Large Datasets
    Topic posted September 20, 2010 by Charles LicklyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited February 16, 2012 
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    Exporting Large Datasets

    Good Day,

    I have a simple report that contains >800,000 records and I need to export to a CSV file.

    Exporting only allows 100,000 max records per report so I tried to set up multiple copies of the report with filters inplace around Contact ID (c_id) to only show records between XXXX and YYYY and these filters DO NOT WORK.  I can do the first 100,000 using an Less Than or Equal to XXXX filter.

    But when I try "between  XXXX to YYYYY" it gives me 200,000 records.  When I try two separate filters of GREATER THAN XXXX AND LESSS THAN OR EQUAL TO YYYY I get 200,000 records

    Any guidance would be appreciated.



    • Jayme Goforth

       did you ever get a response to this?  I noticed this was from 2010 and we are having the same issue.

    • Charles Lickly

       No I never did

    • Jayme Goforth

       Thank you.  That seems to be the theme.

    • Jayme Goforth

       Just so you are aware.  I've been informed that 100K record is the limit that can be exported.  However, a customization can be put into place to rememdy this.  Apparently, they have done this for a few customers already.

      My comment was, 'obviously this is a need, why not just incorporate it into the system on a future version?'

      Databases aren't getting any smaller!