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    Applying holds automatically in FOM
    Topic posted May 13, 2019 by NVDRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Order Management 
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    Applying holds automatically in FOM
    Applying holds automatically in FOM

    HI All,

    Anyone had any experience with automatically applying holds in FOM

    1) I have to apply hold automatically for every imported order. users will review each order and manually release this hold.

    2) Have to apply a 2nd hold based on EFF present on the order header. How can i get the EFFs of header in the rule set.??

    Timer based pause will not work for my first requirement. Any pointers on how we can achieve this?



    • Ramadoss Vinayagam


      We mayn;t be able to put a hold on the sales order automatically. You can think of following work around

      1) Customize Orchestration process so that first step will go on pause based on the EFF set in the Sales Order header

      2) If user is okie, they can manually release the pause . If user need to change anything they can revise the order and submit it again.